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How to buy latex gloves?

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How to buy latex gloves?

Today, latex gloves have become household necessities of daily life. Took to the streets to buy a few pairs of soft and clean latex gloves home brush pot wash dishes, wiping the table wiping the window has long been a normal thing. However, when you buy latex gloves, be sure to pay attention, we must distinguish the authenticity of the pros and cons, beware of poor quality latex gloves by fake harm. Because poor quality latex gloves will not only make you waste money, but also affect their health.

Pidegree Gloves prompts you to identify the authenticity of latex gloves to see a hand, genuine latex gloves are natural rubber as the main raw material production, soft, slippery, winter is not hard, and poor quality feel hard, not soft . Second, look at the appearance of gloves, high-quality latex gloves look bright and smooth, and counterfeit goods are rough appearance, color bleak. Third, look at the raw materials collocation, genuine latex gloves are produced according to scientific ingredients, not air leakage, elongation in time to return to position, and low-quality latex gloves because of low gel content, elongated white and can not be back in time, There are signs of leakage. Four to see the weight of genuine latex gloves, about 95 grams per pair, while the counterfeit inferior products are only 75 grams, feeling a little thin.

Dongguan City Pidegree gloves Co., Ltd. is not only the production of latex gloves of good quality, as well as a sound after-sales service. So, if you want to give your hands a guarantee, choose Pidegree Gloves latex gloves.

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