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How to choose disposable gloves and common FAQ

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How to choose disposable gloves and common FAQ

Choosing the right gloves can be difficult with such a large choice of materials on offer, including latexnitrilevinyl and PE. Do you know which gloves you might need for a particular task? Gloves should never be a substitute for washing hands or using disinfectant. They must provide suitable protection against potential hazards and suit the wearer in terms of size and material, as some people have allergies to some of the common materials used.


Disposable gloves for food handling

Powder-free vinyl gloves are the perfect choice for food preparation tasks, as they are food safe, highly detectable and cost-effective, which is why they are used frequently in mobile catering and food prep areas.


Disposable gloves for cleaning

Latex gloves are ideal for cleaning as they are robust, reliable and provide outstanding protection from chemicals and infection.


Disposable gloves for Lab and medical

Gloves are made from nitrile rubber as this material has a similar feel to a latex glove without the risk of allergies and skin irritation. Ideal for: splash protection against chemicals.




What is a beaded cuff?

Many disposable gloves are supplied with a beaded cuff as this provides extra durability and make it easier to put them on.


Why are some gloves chlorinated?

Chlorination is a process which is often used in the manufacture of heavy duty gloves. The addition of chlorine hardens and strengthens the surface of the glove, making it more suitable for high risk applications than a standard household glove.


What are the benefits of Nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves have a higher resistance to rips and tears than other gloves made of latex or PVC and therefore provide greater durability.

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