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How to choose the right Disposable Gloves

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How to choose the right Disposable Gloves

Regarding the materials

There are about 5 raw materials for disposable gloves in the market, Which is latex rubber, nitrile rubber, blend nitrile, vinyl and PE.

Latex rubber is earliest materials used for gloves ,which is taken from rubber trees. Rubber trees most are grown in tropical area, such as Malaysia,Indonesia,Thailand,Sir Lanka…..

The characteristic of Latex Gloves is soft as human skin ,full of elasticity. The latex gloves which is made of latex rubber are widely used in meticulous jobs, alike examination,surgical,lab testing….It fits hands tight and well, so people require softness ,accurate, delicate would most choose latex gloves .However, latex gloves containe natural rubber protein, which might cause allergies. So industry has develop another materials to replace the latex gloves,which is nitrile gloves.

Nitrile Gloves are made of nitrile synthetic rubber. It has good chemical assistance, oil assistance, puncture resistance. At the same time is soft and full of elasticity, so it is a good replacement of latex gloves,but has no allergies worries.. However it is a new materials. The cost is much higher than latex gloves .

Vinyl Gloves are made of Polyvinyl chloride, Synthetic plastic materails,also considered as the substitute of latex gloves, which is a much more economic option. For the light duty and simple job, it is a good choice, however it has high heat resistance and elasticity are much less than latex and nitrile gloves.

For making up the elasticity of vinyl gloves, industry mixed with some nitrile rubber in the vinyl, so blend nitrile gloves come up .It is blue and looks like nitrile gloves, but good of pulling and elasticity.

PE Gloves are made of polyethene, another Synthetic plastic materials which are much cheaper than vinyl gloves .So it is a replacement of vinyl gloves.If you need one cheapest gloves ,not for heavy job, so better choose this type .

Regarding the purpose

Surgical procedure most would use latex gloves, nitrile rubber materials in long cuff,12 inch

Examination gloves can be latex, nitrile, vinyl gloves in regular color, light color mainly.

Food purpose, if it is light duty, very short time use, vinyl and PE gloves is a good choice.

If long time use, can use any kind of above. Colored gloves are much popular in food processing.

Machine Industry, would prefer thick nitrile gloves,which is more durable.

Beauty industry would prefer vinyl gloves for cheap use, delicate job would require latex and nitrile gloves to fit on fingers well.

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