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In addition to transparent disposable gloves, there are other colors?

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In addition to transparent disposable gloves, there are other colors?
Transparent disposable gloves are common in our lives, mainly in order to give the hand a certain degree of security in a particular working environment.
So, disposable gloves are only a transparent color?

To understand this problem, we first classify disposable gloves. According to the material distinction, disposable gloves can be divided into: Nitrile gloves, Latex gloves, PVC gloves and PE gloves.

1) Nitrile Gloves
It is oil extract, the color can be made free, so the color is rich, such as:white, black, blue,purple, green as the representative of the food industry color, easy to distinguish the color of food, food management details Is very popular

nitrile gloves

nitrile gloves













2) latex gloves
Used in the hospital more widely, because it is made of natural rubber, so the color appears as milky white, milky yellow.

latex gloves

latex gloves

3) PVC gloves
Basically a transparent color, there is a certain protective effect, but no flexibility, and taste pungent;

pvc gloves

pvc gloves

4) PE gloves
Usually transparent, PE gloves than PVC transparent, is the most common disposable gloves in our lives. Although the price is low, but can not play a real protective effect, such as eating when eating, oil or will penetrate into the gloves inside; and gloves size single, wear loose, not a good fit hand.

pe gloves

pe gloves

Therefore, disposable gloves in addition to the common transparent color, there are many other colors. Mainly to see you choose what kind of material gloves.

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