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In order to save costs, so gloves should be reused!

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In order to save costs, so gloves should be reused!

How to recycle and reuse the gloves used in the clean shop has become more and more common. On the one hand, it can relieve the rising material cost pressure of the enterprises. On the other hand, it can fulfill the social responsibility to protect the global environment. Statistics of clean workshop gloves, the recovery rate has been around 60%, and nearly 40% of the gloves directly discarded, if the recovery rate of gloves can be increased to 80% or more, can bring more cost savings for the enterprise, Here we talk about a few suggestions:

First, the user attention to personal work habits
First of all, to choose to meet the requirements of the size of the gloves to wear, if the size of large, affecting efficiency and product quality, if too small, will make users uncomfortable, while gloves will have a risk of rupture, especially in the follow-up regeneration Easy to rupture, the ratio is about 5%.
Do not write on the gloves and feel free to touch the equipment, work surface, in the pen marks and contaminants such as oil, glue is very difficult to get rid of, according to statistical data, after cleaning gloves only pen marks ratio reached 15 % -25%.
Second, the user wearing a glove before washing and washing hands
Wash gloves before the face, wash your hands after the factory gloves are mostly young women, so inevitably in the face and hands painted skin care and other cosmetics, we know that most of the cosmetics Contains silicone oil, this material on the gloves and clean the workshop caused serious pollution, especially in this industry is prohibited from silicone oil pollution, such as the hard disk and head industry, therefore, if the gloves to receive residual silicone oil, then the subsequent regeneration treatment Easy to use, it will improve the rate of recovery of gloves in the hand and face, the use of hand sanitizer and facial cleanser to be tested to ensure that they can not have silicone oil and other prohibited substances in order to avoid duplication of pollution.
Third, the user take off gloves when the precautions
From the clean shop, the user according to a variety of sizes corresponding to the gloves into the specified recycling bucket, and the need to initially distinguish between the glove pollution situation and choose a different delivery area, such as heavy oil gloves need additional recycling, Contamination of other gloves.
Fourth, after the recovery packaging
Use a clean packing bag sealed to prevent further contamination.
Fifth, the preservation of storage before regeneration
Gloves that have been removed from the cleanroom should be stored in a ventilated and dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight and high temperatures. Avoid gloves that become yellow due to poor storage. This will result in a lower pass rate after cleaning, resulting in less cost savings the goal of.

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