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Labor insurance gloves should pay attention to these

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Labor insurance gloves should pay attention to these

The variety of labor insurance gloves is very much, we need to choose according to the protection function. First, we should clearly protect the object, and then carefully selected. Such as acid and alkali gloves, resistant to strong acid (alkali), resistant to low concentrations of acid (alkali), and low concentration of acid-base gloves can not be used for exposure to high concentrations of acid (alkali). Remember not to misuse, so as to avoid accidents.

   Waterproof, acid-resistant gloves should be carefully checked before use to observe whether the surface damage, the more simple way is to labor insurance gloves blowing breath, hand clenched mouth, immersed in water to observe whether the leak. Leakage can not be used.

   Insulation gloves should be regularly tested electrical insulation performance, non-compliance, can not be used in accordance with the provisions.

   Rubber, plastic and other labor insurance gloves should be cleaned after use, dry, save should avoid high temperature, and in the products sprinkle talcum powder to prevent adhesion.

   Operation of rotating machine tools should be prohibited to wear protective gloves.

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