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Latex Gloves Information

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                                                                   Latex Gloves Information

    Latex gloves offer great protection properties and much stronger, thicker than other gloves. Latex gloves offer protection against leakage, making them easy to working in wet conditions. Latex gloves are also resistant to many chemicals like acid and alkalis, they are also less likely to puncture or tear. We offer Medical and Non-Medical latex exam gloves.

Powder-Free (Latex)

Medical powder-free latex gloves are also used for cleanliness in sensitive medical environments. In many applications, such as clean rooms, it is desirable not to use powder on the gloves. In these instances the glove can be chlorinated or polymer coated.

Powdered (Latex)

In order to eliminate the tackiness and aid in donning, a fine powder is distributed over both the inside and outside surfaces. It is safe to breathe and touch.

Latex Disposable Gloves

Used specifically by doctors in surgeries, Latex Disposable Gloves find their way to, many clean room gloving operations across the town. You will find these gloves being used almost anywhere where cleaning is required, and the hands need to be protected.

These disposable gloves are just so popular that even the rise in prices of latex has refused to simmer their popularity.

Benefits of Latex Disposable Gloves

It is one of the popular gloves being used for clean room gloving. In environments where a lot of pollutants reside and pose grave threat to the safety of the skin contracting such contaminants, using latex disposable gloves can help individuals in ensuring safety of their skin.

Professional Uses of Latex Disposable Gloves

Talk Latex, and you would invariably find them being used in hospitals due to the criticality of their use. In semi-conductor industry where micro-contamination is a key trouble area latex disposable gloves are largely used because of their properties to enable good Electrostatic Discharge protection and other qualities that make these gloves the best equipped to be used here.


Latex Disposable Gloves have slowly found stiff competition from Nitrile Gloves, primarily because the input costs for latex gloves have gone slightly high than before. In terms of their effectiveness and use they still match up to the best. But in terms of their popularity, it must be said that high costs of the raw material used to make latex disposable gloves have forced a lot of people to use Nitrile.


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