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Latex gloves will wear out what skin diseases?

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Latex gloves will wear out what skin diseases?

In recent years, latex gloves are widely used, not only the medical staff often wear, ordinary people in the cleaning, or cold weather when washing clothes. However, a small number of people wearing latex gloves, hand redness, itching, erythema, blisters, dryness and even urticaria and other symptoms, which many people mistakenly believe that latex allergy caused, in fact, most do not necessarily Is allergic.

  Clinical data show that wearing latex gloves appear symptoms such as itching, there are three cases, their characteristics and prevention principles are as follows:

  1, irritant contact dermatitis: This is the most common, usually only manifested as hand skin redness, itching, dry or chapped.

  Reasons: with soap disinfectant repeatedly washing hands, not dry, latex gloves, airtight, to stimulate the formation; if dry gloves, gloves, talcum powder is likely to be stimulated.

  Solution: in the latex gloves before wearing a clean soap or detergent, while dry or dry hands and then wear gloves. If dry gloves, the internal talc should not be too much, and after each use of gloves must use the water will be attached to the hands of talc washed clean. In the event of irritant dermatitis, with some antipruritic symptoms can quickly disappear.

  2, allergic contact dermatitis: irritant dermatitis rare. It is characterized by exposure to 6 to 48 hours after hand itching, dry skin or chapped, often accompanied by erythema and blisters, generally no significant systemic allergic symptoms.

  Reason: This dermatitis is not caused by latex allergy, but the manufacture of latex gloves in some of the chemicals caused by a delayed allergy.

  Treatment: In principle, for a type of latex gloves or gloves before each use can be washed, but in practice, in order to prevent serious allergic reactions occur, it is best to use less or not appropriate. Once the occurrence of allergic contact dermatitis, oral antihistamines and dermatitis to be applied to the skin, the symptoms can quickly dissipate.

  3, latex allergic reaction: extremely rare, mostly for the quick response, usually in the latex gloves to wear a few minutes to ten minutes that appears skin redness, itching, symptoms can be seen in the body, often accompanied by urticaria, rhinitis, Conjunctivitis, chest tightness, palpitations and so on. In severe cases can occur breathing difficulties, tachycardia.

  Cause: These symptoms are caused by latex allergy.

  Treatment: This happens, immediately to anti-allergy dexamethasone and other treatment, and quickly took off latex gloves, repeatedly washed with saline hands. Where latex allergic reaction should avoid re-contact with latex gloves and other latex products.

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