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More Knowledge of disposable gloves

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More Knowledge of disposable gloves

Using disposable gloves has become a common thing in our daily life. In the diet, beauty, medical, chemical and other fields are related to the use of disposable gloves. However, there are still some confusion, for example, why do you want to wear gloves? How to choose the right working gloves?

Disposable gloves in history can be traced back to the last century in 80s. At that time, the outbreak of AIDS in the United states. Due to a high degree of panic, people have to use disposable gloves to prevent infection. So disposable gloves were used in the first place as a result of medical treatment.

Now it has been developed for use in laboratory, industrial protection, labor protection, food processing industry and other fields of protective tools. The main purpose is to protect yourself, others, protect the company, resistant to chemicals, to reduce the spread of the disease, reduce cross infection and enhance grip.

In addition to material, gloves can be divided into powder, medical, or pits. Among them, powder free gloves are more suitable for processing of paint, varnish, windshield plate than powdered gloves; medical grade gloves have higher requirements than that of industrial gloves; Pitted gloves can provide a better grip to help you grasp small objects.

 Multicolor basic nitrile gloves gloves. Because the raw material of this kind of glove comes from the petroleum extract, it can be made into a variety of colors. In the process of food processing, blue or green gloves can be distinguished from the color of the food, easy to manage. But in the darkness of the automotive environment, eye-catching orange gloves can help workers increase their focus.

To sum up,for medical field,nitrile gloves would be the best choice,and of powder free.Latex gloves are also widely used in medical field,but not suitable for those whom with latex allergied.To handle with chemicals,nitrile glove is the most suitable option.For food industry,vinyl and poly are both ok.If you have enough buget,nitrile glove is better for food industry.

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