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New!Non-woven products!

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Non-woven products

1/Non-woven face mask    By a variety of fabrics made of non-woven mask, usually including polypropylene (SPP) spunbond and meltblown nonwoven fabric (MB), according to your protection needs, different types of masks in the bacterial filtration rate (BFE) and the mask layers are different. Ear hanging belt is easy to wear masks, wearing more comfortable.

2/Disposable shoe cover   Shoe cover is the indoor environment control, simple and effective solution. From the basic dust, non slip to the Limited waterproof function, widely used in industrial and home environment. Packing and packing products are more convenient for storage and carrying.

3/Disposable isolation gown
    Spunbond non-woven gown series is mainly made of single spunbond non-woven fabric polypropylene (SPP), a variety of colors and specifications applicable to different anti-static electricity or clean environment, widely used in electronic, pharmaceutical, food, biological engineering, optics, aerospace, aviation, CPT, semiconductor, precision machinery, plastic, paint, hospitals, environmental protection industry clean workshop.