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Nitrile Compared to Latex & Vinyl

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Setting aside the economics of supply and demand, these three materials will range in prices.


Factors that will increase the price of gloves, regardless of material:

  • Thickness: The more material that is used, the more you can expect to pay

  • Powder-Free: As discussed in the section of powdered gloves, one of the most attractive aspects about powdered gloves was their cost effectiveness. Engineering a glove that will easily don and doff without powder will cost more.

  • Additives: Some gloves will include Vitamin E or Lanolin to moisturize your hands while you’re wearing them.

That being said, if you took a vinyl, nitrile and latex glove that were all powder-free, of the same thickness and additive free, you could still expect to pay different prices.

  • Vinyl: Vinyl is the least expensive material for producing disposable gloves

  • Latex: Latex is approximately 80 percent more expensive than vinyl

  • Nitrile: Nitrile is double the price of vinyl and roughly 15 percent more expensive than latex

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