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Nitrile gloves are recommended for meat processing.

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In the food processing industry, not only meat processing, but also the use of disposable gloves made of nitrile. The reason is that nitrile gloves have the following characteristics that other gloves do not have.

food nitrile gloves (5)

First, corrosion resistance
In the food processing industry, the most common corrosive substances are animal and vegetable oils. Latex or PVC gloves, which are currently used as gloves in the food processing industry, will be corroded and deformed after contact with oil. Harmful substances may enter the food.

Second, fit hand type, not easy to bring fatigue
Nitrile gloves have the special ability of memory hand type, and can change with the change of hand type. Even if worn for a long time, it will not produce fatigue.

Third, able to carry out color management, power and responsibilities

Nitrile gloves are rich in color and different types of gloves are worn in different colors. Once related problems arise, it is helpful for managers to trace the origin, find the responsible person, and solve problems.
The above is the main reason why nitrile gloves are common in regular food processing establishments. Therefore, nitrile gloves are recommended for meat processing.

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