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Nitrile gloves in the future development trend: portable intelligent

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Nitrile gloves in the future development trend: portable intelligent

A number of research institutions pointed out that nitrile gloves industry's future promising direction, including chronic diseases related areas, high-end import substitution and mobile intelligent medical, handheld monitors, integrated monitors and other medical monitoring equipment and wheelchairs. In addition, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters and other home medical equipment to monitor the physical condition of the elderly is essential, the same huge demand.
"Nitrile gloves in the past to the hospital-based sales.With the development of intelligence, nitrile gloves, such as blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors and other nitrile gloves in the family's popularity will increase, demand may further increase. Nitrile gloves executives said consumer nitrile gloves are mainly for chronic diseases, the original production of cardiovascular drugs manufacturers can try some cardiovascular devices.
The industry believes that the next decade, from diagnosis, monitoring, treatment to the field of medicine will open the field of intelligent medicine, nitrile gloves to the portable industry, intelligent development is the trend. In this context, modern mobile Internet, wearable equipment, large data and other emerging technologies and new business model combination of traditional nitrile gloves or mobile health care, medical wear, business insurance, large data and other emerging technologies subversion, wisdom Medical, especially wearable equipment will become the focus of future investment.
In the overseas market, chronic disease management portable equipment "sell data" profit model has been formed. It is reported that the United States WellDoc provide mobile phone and cloud of diabetes management platform, and insurance companies to provide patients with diabetes management program. "Diabetes stewardship system" in the existing drug dose, blood glucose fluctuations, carbohydrate intake of each meal data analysis, the diagnosis will be sent to health care workers, medical staff can adjust the patient's medication options.
In the country, wearable equipment market size is also very attractive. Jiu'an medical equipment through the wearable into the field of chronic disease management. Liu Yi, chairman of the company told reporters that the nine security medical cooperation with the Tianjin Santan hospital management of 3,000 patients with diabetes. Diabetics need to measure blood glucose levels every day, but patients can not go to the hospital many times a day. By Jiu'an medical a blood glucose meter, the patient can measure blood glucose at home, blood glucose meter through the measurement results will spread to the APP software, APP software and then back to the hospital.
"To seize the data entry, the final or to allow customers to buy services." Liu Yi said that the hardware sold enough to sell more than just hardware, but by a group of users, you can slowly build a healthy Medical Ecosystem.

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