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PE disposable gloves and disposable PVC gloves distinction and use

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    PE is a polyethylene (plastic wrap material), PVC is polyvinyl chloride (some plastic material goods), so PE can be in contact with food, and PVC is best not to. Both are less heat, especially PE, the touch of the fire.
PE, PVC plastics are, where PE is non-toxic polyethylene plastic transparency and good ventilation used in the manufacture of daily necessities such as simple food packaging bags, disposable syringes, drainage underground pipe (easily degradable aging), etc., PP polypropylene plastic non-toxic and highly transparent strength and good resistance to corrosion it has all the advantages of PE, commonly used in the manufacture of household items, plastic medical devices such as transparent plastic basin, disposable syringes, etc., PVC PVC is poor ventilation, toxic and also used in household items and building renovations bedroom interior walls and ceiling decorations such as drains and the like.

    PE gloves used in food processing, scientific research, electronics clean room, hotel.

     PE gloves features: one-time PE gloves, LDPE / HDPE low and high density polyethylene material production, embossed surface

    PE gloves Advantage: Disposable PE disposable gloves, waterproof, anti-oil, acid, alkali, safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

     Non-toxic tasteless PE disposable gloves for household and hotel kitchen food processing conditioning, hair, nursing and washing, cleaning access, the hospital use, acid, anti-oil, dirty clothes to prevent meals, low prices, a of PE gloves factories from fabrics to finished products, disposable PE gloves can be customized customer specified thickness, color and size, disposable gloves PE environmental protection free of heavy metals (lead and chromium) and other harmful substances, non-toxic, tasteless, corrosion-resistant, tear-resistant, winter is not stiff, may be set made of biodegradable fabrics, recycled.

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