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PVC exam gloves

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Pidegree Medical, worldwide supplier of high-quality, disposable hand protection since 1997, is excited to announce the launch of ®(pronounced “innovate”), one of the first medical grade gloves made of polyethylene (PE) and were used for patient care, diagnosis, examination and general applications.

  • pvc exam gloves

                                                                                                   pvc exam gloves

The glove might look like the PE gloves commonly used in making sandwiches or mixing salads but our proprietary formula and production technology brings to life a thicker, stronger and more stretchy glove that delivers added safety and protection. is an ambidextrous, translucent, powder and latex free glove that eliminates potential rubber latex protein allergies and powder contamination. The glove is light, easy to don, comfortable on the hands and provides good tactile sensitivity.

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