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PideMed Powder Free Latex Disposable Gloves (Cream)

Product Details
Place of Origin: Malaysia 
Brand Name: PideMed 
Certification: CE,ISO,FDA 
Model Number: LGMW-PMC6.0 

Payment &shipping Terms
Minnimum Order Quantity: 20ft container 
Packaging Details: 100pcs/box, 10boxes/carton 
Delivery Time: 5-55 days after confirmation the prepayment. 
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C 
Supply Ability: 30*40ft/month
  • LGMW-PMC6.0

  • PideMed 


Functional Benefits
* Protection from unwanted or dangerous substances.
* Easy donning and helps prevent roll back.
* Softness provides superior comfort and natural fit.
* Beaded cuff makes donning easy.
* Ambidextrous and straight fingers.

Quality Standards
* Conforms to ASTM D3578 (05) and EN455 (09) Standards.
* Manufactured under QSR (GMP) and ISO9001 : 2008 Quality Management System.
* Using FDA approved absorbable corn starch, USP grade.

Glove sizes
* Extra-small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra-large.
* Marked in the check box on the shipping carton with black ink.

Latex Gloves,Disposable Gloves,Disposable Latex Gloves


                    Powdered and non-sterille.
                    Natural latex.
                Design & Features
                    Ambidextrous; smooth or fully textured surface; beaded cuff; natural white, coloured (blue/green) or mint flavoured.
                    Absorbable cornstarch USP Grade.
                    The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored in a dry condition at temperature not higher than 30°C.
                Moisture Content
                    below 0.8% per glove.
                    5 years from the date of manufacturing.

    Latex Gloves,Disposable Gloves,Disposable Latex Gloves

    Latex Gloves,Disposable Gloves,Disposable Latex Gloves

    Latex Gloves,Disposable Gloves,Disposable Latex Gloves

           ASTM D3578
                   EN 455
                   Min. 240

Min. 220 (size XS,S)

  Min. 230 (size M, L, XL)

                   Min. 240






76 ± 3
84 ± 3
94 ± 3
105 ± 3
113 ± 3


70 ± 10
80 ± 10
95 ± 10
111 ± 10


80 ± 10
95 ± 10
110 ± 10

               Thickness -                 single wall (mm)


          Fingers Palm



   Min. 0.08 
Min. 0.08


 Min. 0.08 
Min. 0.08



 Property               ASTM D3578               EN455
               Elongation at break (%)
                    Before Aging
                        After Aging
Min. 650
Min. 500
               Tensile Strength(MPa)
                    Before Aging
                        After Aging
Min. 18
Min. 14
               Force at Break (N)
                    Before Aging
                        After Aging
  Median 6
 Median 6

Latex Gloves,Disposable Gloves,Disposable Latex Gloves

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