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Pidegree Disposable Glove

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Pidegree Disposable Glove


Pidegree Group offers nitrile gloves in exam grades. Our disposable nitrile exam gloves are FDA approved for medical use and are latex free. In addition, they provide excellent strength, durability and barrier protection against bloodborne pathogens. Looking for a color coding solution? Our nitrile glove line has colored gloves including the  Pidegree Group blue Nitrile Exam Glove, the Pidegree Group Black Nitrile Exam Glove, and the Pidegree Group white Nitrile Exam Glove, which can make size or application identification quick. Pidegree Group nitrile exam gloves are perfect for doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, tattoo artists, dentists, veterinary, and laboratory workers.


Pidegree Group offers latex gloves in exam grades. Our highly rated latex exam grade gloves are CE approved for medical use and offer excellent barrier protection from blood-borne pathogens. Does your customer wear gloves all day? Pidegree Group Hand Specific Latex gloves are available in oth powdered and powder free styles in half sizes, with the enhanced comfort  and dexterity that only a fitted glove can offer.  They are contoured to the shape of the hand for added comfort. This unique feature can help reduce the strain on your hands while working and are commonly used by dental, medical or laboratory workers. If you are looking for added protection, Pidegree Group offers heavy duty exam grade latex gloves with additional thickness and extended cuff for better coverage.


Pidegree Group offers vinyl gloves in exam grades. Our exam grade vinyl disposable gloves are latex free and offer superb strength, durability, and barrier protection against blood borne pathogens. They are FDA approved for medical use in industries such as medical, dental, childcare, and senior care. Need a glove with the fit and feel of latex? Check out our stretch vinyl gloves, that have the look, fit and feel of a latex glove, without the latex.

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