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Pidegree Enterprises Ltd——one-stop glove sourcing center

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   Pidegree Enterprises Ltd. (Pidegree Group) as a "one-stop glove sourcing center", we produce a wide variety of latex gloves, nitrile gloves , surgical gloves and household extended high-risk gloves, PVC gloves, polyethylene (HDPE and LDPE) gloves, high elastic PVC gloves and PE aprons, sleeves can be marked cover in "medical treatment" and "industrial" package to meet the requirements of different industries; gloves.
   Our factory products comply with ISO 9001 certification and in most of the world standard , such as CE (EU), FDA registration (United States), in addition, Pidegree Group is one of the few rubber in China glove manufacturers. Pidegree organization also FDA registered and exported to the United States the necessary conditions. So, when you buy our gloves, you may rest assured that we have the absolute quality and competitive prices.

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