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Pidegree Gloves --four character security tactics of Occupational Health

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Pidegree Gloves --four character security tactics of Occupational Health

Disposable nitrile gloves (hereinafter referred to as nitrile gloves) to very strict quality requirements, protective performance is much better than most on the market currently glove material, generally used for high protection requirements for the industry. With the strengthening of production and raising the level of awareness of personal protection, the market demand for nitrile gloves also increasing.
Many businesses in pursuit of interests, shoddy, even recycle used nitrile gloves, after cleaning it every one, resulting in a nitrile glove market quite a mixed bag.
And this phenomenon can lead to food poisoning in the food industry that can cause burns by chemical agents, resulting in the medical industry-patient infection, increasing the risk of a sharp instrument was stabbed ...... serious occupational health hazards.
For easy to circumvent these problems themselves, in addition to the government to strengthen supervision outside the unit as a consumer or buyer must also strengthen the ability to identify defective nitrile gloves.
Get new skills is not complicated, a simple four-step "look, smell, touch, blow."
step 1: Look
Looking color.
To better meet the needs of different industries, reduce operator error rate, NBR nitrile gloves production process gives a different color. Regular manufacturers to produce nitrile gloves bright color, uniform color; poor quality gloves, the color will be uneven, and even macular phenomenon.
step 2: Smell
Smell the smell.
Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic butadiene and acrylonitrile, no smell. Even after prolonged wear, the hand does not remain odor ~
step 3: Touch
Touch feel.
Well-made nitrile gloves, even without powder, it is the outer astringent touch slippery, easy to wear.
step 4: Blow
Blowing details.
For gloves, once even small blisters, will lose its original protective function. Ai Masi disposable gloves from the manufacturer to the market will go through a variety of rigorous testing.
By trumpeter sets, quickly eliminate inferior products.
Four-character tactic "look, smell, touch, blowing", spike inferior gloves, only for occupational health care - Pidegree Gloves.

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