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Pidegree Gloves teach you how to identify natural latex gloves

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Pidegree Gloves teach you how to identify natural latex gloves

   Pidegree Gloves to meet customer demand, especially natural latex gloves and other products included in the scope of business. Pidegree Gloves uphold the principle of customer first, then we take a look at natural latex components:
   Natural rubber latex is a milky white fluid liquid resembling milk. Latex is a natural product biosynthesis, due to the different species, geology, climate, and other conditions, their composition and structure of colloidal often a huge difference. Without any substance added fresh latex, rubber hydrocarbon only 20% -40% of the total, the balance being water and small amounts of non-rubber components. Non-rubber components in proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and inorganic component, in which a portion of the rubber particles into a composite structure, a portion of the whey or dissolved in a non-formed rubber particles.

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Then by following simple for everyone Pidegree Gloves identification method to explain natural latex gloves.

First, look at color

Truly 100% natural latex color should be milky white partial yellow; natural latex and false color is white, pale or dark hair and some white! The natural latex products in use for some time, will be sent oxidation in contact with air, the color will gradually turn yellow, which is normal, without any special concern.

Natural latex surface is matte (not very bright), its delicate surface, wrinkles, oxidation holes (pores surface traces). The chemical latex and synthetic latex product surface shiny, tight, very smooth, with little or no oxidation holes, each of the salient points and lines are full, that no defect.

Second, smell the smell

The real latex products have a faint smell of natural resin flavor, a bit like milk, so we called called latex. Under normal circumstances, the taste in a week or so will naturally evaporate. The chemical latex and synthetic latex products, because of its own material determines it with some even very pungent chemical odor. So in order to mask the chemical odor, and some manufacturers will add spice, but the taste is easy to identify out. That is: one is aromatic chemicals, natural gas is one kind of flavor.

Third, try feeling

Natural latex feel comfortable, like a baby's skin as tender; if the body sweat in contact with latex products cause the product to turn yellow, which is a normal phenomenon.

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