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Pidegree Latex Gloves

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Pidegree Latex Gloves

Looking for latex disposable gloves? Pidegree Gloves has you covered. Pidegree Gloves are more elastic than nitrile gloves and feature better puncture resistance than vinyl gloves. Our latex disposable glove line-up is no exception. Pidegree Gloves offers an outstanding selection of industrial grade and exam / medical grade latex gloves with powder and powder free options available. Pidegree latex exam grade gloves are FDA approved for medical use and offer excellent barrier protection from blood-borne pathogens. Latex naturally offers excellent chemical resistance;Do you wear gloves all day long? Pidegree Hand Specific Latex Exam Gloves are contoured to the natural shape of your hand to minimize strain and maximize dexterity for all day comfort. It is not recommended to use latex disposable gloves if you have a latex allergy. This can cause allergic reactions from the material’s proteins.  Pidegree Gloves offers latex free disposable glove options such as nitrile, vinyl and poly.

Anyone can sell your gloves, Pidegree Gloves helps you sell more gloves. Pidegree Gloves carries the widest variety of disposable glove products to meet your customer needs.

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