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Powder free VS Powdered gloves

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Powder free VS Powdered gloves

Some disposable gloves have powdered and powder free styles.

Powder free gloves are more expensive than powdered gloves due to the extra effort involved in the production process,they need to delete the powder from the gloves.

On December 19th, 2016, the FDA banned the use of powdered medical/exam grade gloves due to concerns about patient sensitivity or allergies to powdered gloves, so the market almost ask the medical/exam gloves with free powder, reduced protein content latex gloves to reduce exposure to natural latex proteins (allergens).

What's the difference between them?

Powdered Gloves

Powder is used to aid donning and doffing of gloves. Also used in the production as a mold release, enabling the gloves to stripped of the molds.

A third benefit of using powder is that the gloves are easy to dispense, as the powder makes sure they do not stick to each other in the dispenser.

So powdered gloves have cornstarch added which makes them easier to put on, especially in busy locations, and can prevent gloves from sticking together.

When powdered gloves are worn for a long period of time the powder can cling to user’s skin and cause sensitivities or allergies.

Cornstarch powder may also contribute to latex allergies or sensitivity.

In food service locations, there have also been concerns raised about powder from powdered gloves sticking to hands, clothing, or surfaces after removal and causing contamination.

It is important to note that powdered gloves are not generally an allergy concern with nitrile or vinyl gloves.

Powder-Free Gloves

Powder-free gloves undergo a process known as chlorination that helps make latex gloves less form fitting so that powder is not needed for easy donning and removal.

During the process, gloves are treated with a chlorine solution, rinsed with water, and dried to remove most of the powdered residue and latex proteins.

Chlorination processing requires more extensive washing during manufacturing and consequently tends to produce a glove with appreciably fewer free latex proteins and other residual chemicals.

This process significantly reduces allergic reactions.

The downside of the process is that powder-free gloves can be harder to remove quickly and may decrease the firmness of the glove’s grip.

Powder-free gloves are also more expensive than powdered gloves due to the extra effort involved in the chlorination process.

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