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Purchase disposable gloves FAQ?

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You produce gloves What are the advantages?
1, anti-oil, impermeable;
2, easy to wear off, smart;
3, the 250 degree heat baked, safe contact with hot and cold food.

Your company's gloves with latex gloves What's the difference?
1, different materials: natural rubber latex, pvc with pvc plus plasticizing agent synthesis;
2, functional differences: latex gloves elasticity, feel tight, suitable for surgical use; pvc gloves more relaxed, breathable, elastic weak;
3, the high cost of latex gloves, pvc gloves low cost.

Can you provide a sample it?
Small sample we can offer free of charge, but if you want to sample the whole box or boxes we will charge for the sample according to the situation.

Your packing way is what?
Standard packing 100 a box, removable, similar napkin box, packed in cardboard boxes, a box of 10 boxes. Another plastic bags: 12 a bag, a box of 100 bags, as well as vacuum packaging: 100 a bag, a box of 10 bags, clean room vacuum packaging.

Your MOQ much, the price including shipping it?
Our MOQ is 500 cartons. Prices do not include shipping

Why is your company's gloves have taste?
Relationship between product attributes, PVC baking at high temperatures of 250 degrees, there will be plastic taste is normal, as the rubber latex gloves have the same taste.

Why is powder-free gloves powder than to have the high price?
Because the production process of powder-free gloves one more step, and no powder handling raw material is higher than the price of raw materials has a powder.

How to ensure delivery? Delays in how to deal with?
We receive the contractual delivery date, delivery period is usually 30 days, such as the delay in delivery of reasonable compensation.

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