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Rubber Gloves VS Latex Gloves

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Rubber Gloves VS Latex Gloves

Both rubber gloves and latex gloves offer a great many uses today in many fields.But they are quite different in most aspects.In this article,we will tell their differences in detail,to help you understand these two products and choose the right ones according to your needs.


What are Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are synthetic rubber that made out of rubber,can be unsupported or supported.They are reusable,and offer higher level protections from chemicals,detergent and hotter water etc.Their primary and most common application is dish washing,household cleaning.Sometimes caregivers will use rubber gloves during diaper changing process to prevent contact with the child’s fecal material.


What are Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves are made by Natural Rubber.They are the most flexible gloves among disposable gloves,which are widely used in medical, food industry, household, industrial and agricultural production etc.Latex Gloves can be classified into Medical grade(AQL1. 5), Food and Industrial Grade(AQL2. 5), Industrial Grade(AQL4. 0) due to its usage.


The similarities between Rubber and Latex Gloves

1. They are both made to protect our hands

2. They are both made by Rubber.


The difference between Rubber and Latex Gloves

1. Latex Gloves are disposable,while Rubber Gloves are reusable.

2. Applications are different.

3. Production processes are different.

4. Prices are different:rubber gloves are more expensive.


The applications of Rubber Gloves

1. Cleaning

2. Dish Washing

3. Personal Care

4. Handle with chemicals and pet messes etc.


The application of Latex Gloves

1. Medical Professionals

2. Food Processing

3. Beauty and salon workers

4. Biodegradable green practice

5. Those work environment looking for better fit and dexterity.

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