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Some knowledge about latex gloves, you know?

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Some knowledge about latex gloves, you know?

Protection:Latex gloves provide excellent protection against chemical and blood-borne biological threats.

Comfort:Latex has high elasticity-better than nitrile and much better than vinyl. It not only has good elasticity but also relatively soft. Therefore, it can naturally conform to the shape of the wearer's hand, thereby improving comfort and flexibility. These are the key requirements for long-term use or performing complex tasks.

Puncture Resistance:Latex gloves have higher puncture resistance than vinyl alternatives. Users who may be exposed to sharp, potentially contaminated objects (such as syringes or scalpels) need to consider this type of product. (For users who require the highest degree of protection, we recommend the Nitrile Gloves series.)

Allergenic:The primary disadvantage of latex is that it is allergenic because its raw materials are natural and are caused by vegetable protein components. Although most users can safely use latex, we still provide disposable nitrile and vinyl gloves as an alternative.

Latex gloves: We have worked diligently to earn a leading position in the latex gloves market. Fortunately, we are supported by amazing people who keep us growing every day.  Our product range is designed to meet the different needs of users in many different fields. We sell latex gloves, nitrile gloves and vinyl gloves to distributors and end-users who believe in our products, as well as providing them with the protection and hygiene they need to work safely and effectively.

Latex gloves may not be as advanced as nitrile gloves, but they are still widely used because they are more resistant to punctures than vinyl gloves and are worth the money.

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