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Some tips for wearing Pidegree disposable gloves

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Some tips for wearing Pidegree disposable gloves

Pay attention to when wearing Nitrile gloves:

1. No rings or other jewelry on your hands;

2. The fingernails should be trimmed regularly and not too long to avoid damage to the fingertips of the gloves;

3. Prevent the piercing of sharp objects, such as needles, toothpicks, etc.;

4. Taking off the gloves is to slowly withdraw from the wrist downwards, and cannot pull from the finger;

5. Pay attention to the size when choosing, too small will cause the blood to flow and not smooth, and too large will easily fall off;

6. Periodic inspections are required. If damaged, it cannot be used again.


Precautions for using PVC gloves

1. Disposable PVC gloves do not have high temperature resistance and insulation properties. It is not allowed to be used in high temperature workplaces, and it is absolutely not allowed to be used as insulating gloves.

2. Once the pvc glove is worn, it will affect the protective effect. Please do not use it.

3. Disposable PVC gloves should be kept ventilated and dry when stored to prevent moisture and mold.

4. When using disposable PVC gloves. Prohibit contact with corrosive substances.


The precautions for Latex gloves are as follows:

1. Avoid contact with chemicals such as acids, alkalis, and organic solvents.

2. When handling infectious substances, powder-free and low-protein latex gloves should be selected. Powder-free and low-protein latex gloves can reduce the risk of allergies. However, the so-called hypoallergenic latex gloves cannot reduce the risk of latex allergies, but can only reduce the allergic reactions caused by chemical additives in latex gloves.

3. Resolutely implement the work rules to reduce the chance of latex harm. Such as:

1) Do not use oily hand cream or lotion when wearing latex gloves, as it will cause deterioration or damage to latex gloves.

2) After taking off or removing latex gloves, wash your hands with mild soap and dry your hands completely.

3) For disposable latex gloves, do not wear them repeatedly (because the gloves may have lost the ability to defend against harmful substances).

Acutally,no matter which kind of disposable gloves should all be discarded after one time use.

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