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Symptoms of Being Allergy to Nitrile Gloves

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Nitrile gloves are commonly considered as a perfect alterative to latex gloves for those whom have latex allergies.However,nitrile gloves do have their own cause regarding to allergies.Though it is quite rare,we hope that everyone are aware of it.Let's discuss about it in this article.

What is the Cause of Nitrile Allergies?

Firstly,nitrile gloves sometimes are made in the same factory as latex gloves.There may be some contamination with latex proteins.If you are experiencing allergic to your gloves,please check the glove's quality.

The secong and the most possible cause could be the chemicals that used in manufacturing process of nitrile gloves.These chemicals are generally called 'accelerators'.

Another very common area for producing allergens is the dye used to make nitrile gloves.

Symptoms of Being Allergy to Nitrile Gloves

The possible symptoms of Nitrile Gloves are listed below:

  • Redness of hands

  • Rhinitis

  • Swelling of hand

  • Burning sensation in hands

  • Watery eyes

  • Facial swelling

How to Prevent Nitrile Allergy

  • Try a glove without powder.

  • Try a glove with higher breathability.

  • In crease the changing frequency of your glove.

  • Try on a glove with bigger size.Too tight glove can cause irritation.

  • Find out chemical resistance of your gloves with your supplier.

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