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TPE Gloves:Substitute of Vinyl Gloves

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TPE Gloves:Substitute of Vinyl Gloves

TPE vs Vinyl,which one is better?What are their characteristics?What are their differences?Details will be listed as below.

What are Vinyl Gloves?

Vinyl gloves are also called PVC Gloves.These gloves are made by raw synthetic materials,mainly PVC-Poly Vinyl Chloride and Phthalates DINP Plasticizers that makes plastics soft and pliable.Vinyl Gloves are soft but less flexible,suitable for low-risk tasks like food handling and kithchen/household clean.Relatively speaking,their striking feature is Cost-effective among Latex Gloves,Nitrile Gloves and Vinyl Gloves.

Vinyl Gloves Properties are as below:

  • Smaller budgets

  • Latex allergy free

  • Suitable for low-risk tasks

  • Not ideal for handling chemicals

  • Fit more loosely

  • Can be powdered to make it easier put on

  • About M4.5 gram

What are TPE Gloves?

TPE Gloves are made of Thermoplastic Elastomers.This gloves is a new PE material developed in 2009.It looks a lot like Vinyl Gloves,but thinner than Vinyl .TPE gloves are soft and strong,more of elasticity than other PE gloves.

TPE Gloves Properties are as below:

  • Better fit than poly gloves

  • Savings over Vinyl gloves

  • Smooth&Soft Grip

  • Disposable&durable

  • About 1.8-gram weight

  • Suitable for Food Processing

Why Choose TPE over Vinyl?

1.TPE Gloves are much thinner than Vinyl Gloves,ensuring more comfortable wearing and better hand performances.

2.TPE Gloves are cheaper than Vinyl Gloves,saving budgets.

3.TPE Gloves look like and touch like Vinyl Gloves,but are stronger and durable than Vinyl.

4.Both TPE and Vinyl are suitable for Food handling,but TPE are more easier to put on and to be changed.

If you do have any other question about TPE vs Vinyl Gloves,welcome to contact us!

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