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TPE glove VS Vinyl glove

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TPE glove VS Vinyl glove

What is the different between TPE glove and vinyl glove?We will explain it from the following perspectives。


A. Vinyl gloves are widely used in food industry, general inspection and so on.

The Vinyl Gloves have a band at the cuff, which is made to be more closed when wearing gloves. TPE gloves don't have this strap.

B. The vinyl gloves are relatively thin and have no elasticity. TPE gloves are made of synthetic plastic, which is soft and elastic to make a fist. This product has excellent tensile force and elasticity,corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, not easy to be damaged, good handle and so on.

2.Life application

Both gloves are widely used in hair salons, home cleaning, food processing, painting, pet care, clean room workshops, and in agriculture, fisheries, forestry, animal husbandry, and more.However, TPE gloves are used for more basic chemical protection and medical applications due to their strong corrosion and oil resistance.


The main factor determining the price of the two gloves is the price of the raw material. The vinyl gloves are generally more expensive than TPE gloves.


TPE gloves are high-end disposable plastic gloves with fine embossing, no sticking, soft touch and no sliding.Moreover, TPE gloves can protect and wear with different pattern blocks designed according to the mold, and the design of palm rubber blocks makes the grasping force strong.Gloves can be hard and brittle at low temperature and have excellent low temperature resistance.More easy to wear, good adhesion, more flexibility, puncture resistance.TPE polymer gloves are environmentally friendly and odorless. They do not contain halogen, heavy metal, plasticizer and other harmful substances. They will not produce allergic reactions when in contact with the skin.It can be used instead of vinyl gloves.

Both types of gloves have similar uses, and TPE can be better than VINYL in some areas, so be flexible with your choice of gloves. You don't have to use one type of glove over the other.

Finally, we wish you a health and happy New Year

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