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Tattoo industry in glove applications

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Tattoo, As a kind of skin art, gradually more and more people accept, from the stars to the ordinary people, are beginning to like a part of their body design tattoo.

And as a tattooist who creates these exquisite tattoos, often encounter a lot of occupational injuries, such as: tattooed hand injury, the harmful chemicals in the ink erosion of the skin and so on. So they will be equipped with the appropriate protective gloves at work to ensure the orderly work.

So tattoo industry use gloves, what is the difference with other industries?


1. comfortable stickers, anti-fatigue

Tattoo design work very time consuming, often spent tattoo division hours of continuous work. In this process, if you wear the size of inappropriate or poor elastic gloves, will undoubtedly increase the burden on the hand, making the progress of the work is not smooth.

And comfortable stickers, can feel the hand temperature changes in gloves, to the greatest extent possible to ease the fatigue of wearing gloves for a long time.

nitrile black 2.jpg

2. Raise the grip

Tattoo pattern details of the deal, very test tattoo teacher's careful and patient. Hand grip is also one of the key factors.

If the tattoo hand tools to pinch instability or even fall, likely to cause damage to the guests skin. So they need to be very careful at work, and some of the market with a fingertip hemp of the gloves, you can increase the fingertips and contact with the friction of the object, so tattoo division work more handy, designed and more exquisite design patterns.

3. puncture resistance

Tattoo sieves and secant machines are tattooers commonly used tools, but these tools are often also with a certain risk. In the hand without any protective measures to use, easily lead to hand skin damage, causing wound infection or health hazards.

Therefore, in the choice of glove material, nitrile gloves are often more suitable for tattoo industry work nature. In the hand and sharp tattoo tools to establish a health barrier, play a healthy, health, safety protection effect.

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