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Ten Popular Uses of Disposable Nitrile Gloves

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Ten Popular Uses of Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Looking for strong, flexible, puncture resistant gloves? You must not miss disposable nitrile gloves. Composed of synthetic rubber, disposable nitrile gloves are latex free, less likely to cause an allergic reaction. And they are stronger than latex gloves, more flexible than vinyl gloves. Due to their great resistance to oils and other harsh chemicals, disposable nitrile gloves are perfect for many tasks.

The following are the top ten uses of disposable nitrile gloves.

1. Medical personnel: These gloves are perfect for the medical industry. Not only are they three times more puncture resistant than rubber, they also offer an impermeable barrier to dangerous viruses and other blood borne pathogens. Disposable nitrile gloves are stronger than latex, and offer protection when handling harsh chemotherapy drugs. 

2. Laboratory technicians: For the same reasons, disposable nitrile gloves are very useful to those working in laboratories and exposed   to needles and blood products.

3. Automotive workers: Resistant to petroleum and solvents, disposable nitrile gloves are also useful in the automotive industry. Whether   changing the oil or handling strong de-greasers, these gloves provide protection.

4. Housekeepers: Hotels or cleaning services use strong chemicals to meet the standards of cleanliness of public places, and repetitive   exposure can damage skin and hands. Disposable nitrile gloves can offer a measure of safety and cut down or eliminate rashes and other   skin problems.

5. Tattoo artists: Disposable nitrile gloves are the gloves of choice for many tattoo artists because of their barrier to blood products, and   also because of their comfortable fit and flexibility.

6. Food handlers: In the kitchen, wearing gloves is mandatory in many instances. Impervious to animal fats, disposable nitrile gloves are a   great choice because of their durability, comfort, and pliability.

7. Furniture refinishers: Those working with polyurethanes, stains, or other solvents can find protection with disposable nitrile gloves.

8. Gardeners: Working with soil, pesticides, and fertilizers can wreak havoc on the hands. Disposable nitrile gloves can stand up to heavy usage while protecting the skin from hazardous materials used in landscaping and gardening.

9. Product inspectors: Product inspectors can be exposed to a variety of different substances that can pose a danger to the skin of the hands. Disposable nitrile gloves offer protection from a host of materials.

10. In the home: From picking up trash to washing dishes to cleaning the toilet and everything in between, disposable nitrile gloves provides protection from a host of household chores and are very useful in everyday activities.

Pidegree Medical offer powder free disposable nitrile gloves in various colors and sizes, suitable for variety of uses.

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