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The Dangers of poor quality Disposable Latex Gloves

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The Dangers of poor quality Disposable Latex Gloves

The Dangers of poor quality Disposable Latex Gloves

If you use disposable rubber gloves at work, how do you know if they are safe to use?

You may have realized that the FDA decided to prohibit doctors from using powder gloves.

The powder used is related to wound swelling and allergic reactions, so it is easy to see why the decision was made.

However, this is only the second time in FDA history that it is involved in banned medical devices. This highlights the importance of its actions in this situation.

Although you almost certainly want to avoid such gloves, other low-quality disposable rubber gloves are at risk.

Here, we outline why you should only use trusted products from top suppliers. Otherwise, you are harming the safety of your customers or patients - and it is your own.

Are disposable gloves the same?

First eliminate a common myth. Disposable rubber gloves are not exactly the same.

There are big differences between different types of gloves. Try it, you will find it is true.

Some are easier to put on and slide off. According to the different materials, they will have different degrees of durability.

In some industries, the gloves used must meet ASTM standards. In these circumstances, you have no choice but to choose high quality - but as you will see below, this is actually beneficial to you.

Try to remove the test glove from the package and see if it is easy to break the glove with your hand. You will notice that you can pass some of them while others are hard to break.

In short - they are not exactly the same. You need to be aware of big differences.

Allergy risk

Cheap disposable rubber gloves may cause allergic reactions. As we mentioned in the introduction, powder gloves are a big problem.

If you are a medical professional or tattoo artist, you should always ask whether the patient and the client are allergic to latex.

Be sure to remember to do this before wearing your gloves! If they say yes, it is important to choose the right hand.

Medical grade nitrile gloves may be a good choice. They are easy to put on and take off, and the material provides a strong barrier between your hand and what you are dealing with.


The poor quality disposable rubber gloves have much better permeability than high quality gloves. This means they let water pass through - for example, if you are a plumber, work with dirty water.

It may not be pleasant for the wearer to let the water pass through. But things can get worse.

Poor quality gloves may allow other chemicals to penetrate the glove and come in contact with the skin. If this person is dealing with dangerous chemicals, this may be a very serious problem.

Infection risk

If you work in an industry that allows you to have close contact with other people and blood and other body fluids, there is always an infection risk.

This is especially true for medical and dental workers who are close to wounds and diseases.

Good gloves always form a barrier between your skin and others.

Remember, this is not just about you. You may not know, but you may carry contaminants or bacteria on your own. So this is to protect you from the spread of the disease.


Cheap gloves are a fake economy. Of course, you can buy 300 gloves at a cheap price. But you will accelerate throughout the process and respond more in a week.

This is because even in the same job, you need to exchange them several times. They will tear or wear out very quickly, so to ensure your own safety, you can only find the next pair in the last 5 minutes.

Before you knew it, the entire box was gone. You paid a large amount of cash for a new box, and those money disappeared.

Of course, you should change your new disposable rubber gloves regularly. Replace them at least as described by the manufacturer.

Despite its value for money, you will still use it more with premium disposable rubber gloves.

Poor quality disposable gloves are easy to damage

Durability is one thing, and a mark is another.

Cheap disposable rubber gloves cannot withstand too much punishment. Piercing them requires only a small scraper to make them useless.

This can also be dangerous because sharps can penetrate them into your skin. Or a small scratch can open a hole that is too small to be identified, which can expose dangerous chemicals to your skin.

All gloves may be damaged. You should replace them regularly, and if you notice tears or leaks, replace them immediately.

However, the best protection is to invest in high quality medical grade gloves that are not easily torn or punctured.

Top Quality Disposable Rubber Gloves

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We have been in this line for more than 20 years.

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