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The food industry favors five reasons for blue vinyl gloves

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Disposable gloves in our lives is very common, but also gradually into the various industries. In terms of the industry, engaged in food processing and food services industry, generally like to use blue vinyl gloves, you know why is this?

The reasons are as follows:

blue vinyl gloves

                     blue vinyl gloves

1.vinyl material, not allergic.
Before a lot of food industry are using disposable latex gloves, but the staff wear a long time later, there will be skin allergies. Disposable vinyl gloves, no latex ingredients, will not lead to allergies, food industry is the most health, health, safety options.
2. Colorful, easy to distinguish management
The disposable vinyl gloves on the market, with blue, green and other colors. Because the blue color recognition is high, once the food processing or service personnel gloves are damaged, accidentally mixed gloves into the food, it is easy to be found by the staff to facilitate the timely handling of debris residues to ensure food safety

3. Long time job is not easy fatigue
vinyl texture gloves, texture, thin, paste hand type, wear it is also very convenient, very comfortable. And it will change with the hand temperature changes, even if the food workers work for a long time, it is not easy fatigue, greatly improve work efficiency.

Now, do you know why the food industry favors disposable blue vinyl gloves?

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