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The function of powder on gloves

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The function of powder on gloves

Disposable gloves can be divided into powdered and powder free.Powdered gloves are widely utilized in many workplaces.Why do people like powdered gloves?Read this article and you will understand the function of powder on gloves.

Powdered gloves have cornstarch added inside which makes the gloves easier to put on and slip off, especially in busy situations that employees need replacing gloves constantly, and can prevent gloves from sticking together.In addition to making gloves easier to put on,the cornstarch also keeps your hands dry and comfortable ,as well as more resistant to tear and rip than non powdered gloves.The cornstarch powders are applied to gloves near the end of the manufacturing process.

Reasons for Using Powdered Gloves

1. To facilitate donning of gloves,making them easier to take on and off.

2. The powder can prevent gloves from sticking together.

3. The powder can keep hands dry and comfortable.

4. Powdered latex gloves are cheaper than powder free gloves.

Pidegree Medical manufacturers high quality powdered latex gloves and powdered vinyl gloves.

Applications of Powdered Latex Gloves

Although uses of powdered latex gloves in medical and food processing field are being eliminated,powdered latex gloves are still widely applied in many other fields.

1.Household cleaning

2.Laboratory work


4.Assembly work


6.Production manufacturing


8.Salon/Beauty works

9.Biodegradable green practice

Application of Powdered Vinyl Gloves

1.Low-risk procedure

  • 2.Food preparation

  • 3.Smaller budgets

  • 4.Those with latex allergies

  • 5.Working with non-hazardous materials

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