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The kitchen staff must wear gloves in these four links

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Every holiday, we will invite friends or family to the restaurant for dinner, enjoy the elegant environment and comfortable service, how comfortable and comfortable.
When we enjoy the food at the same time, busy kitchen staff who are doing?

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First, the preparation time.

The kitchen staff to prepare ingredients in the cutting work, taking into account the restaurant daily traffic, so to cut with a lot of ingredients. In order to ensure the speed of serving, the speed of cutting is also very particular about, and sometimes accidentally cut the hand skin is easy to cut.However, it is necessary to cleanse the hands of the skin,Wear a puncture-resistant, tear-resistant disposable gloves, kitchen staff is the first choice, not only can protect your hands to ensure food hygiene, but also reduces the risk of accidents, kitchen workers to protect the safety.

Second, the production time.

Chef in the production of food, because the meat color and skin are more similar, if not wearing gloves, if the hand skin careless cut into the food, it is difficult to distinguish, once the customer eating, the consequences Unthinkable.

Therefore, the choice of a clear distinction between the color of the gloves, the food industry is the first choice. Blue gloves As the representative of the food industry, professional chefs will be in the production of food to wear. Through the SGS food grade GB testing and certification of disposable nitrile gloves, food production strictly ensure the safety and health.

Third, when passing vegetables.

Whenever we go to the cafeteria to eat or enjoy the buffet, the master of the food always wear a one-time gloves or masks, which not only look professional, but also to avoid direct contact with the hand-held food and hand tools bacteria mixed into the food , Or in the course of an oral spittle contamination of food.

They often choose PVC gloves and disposable masks to facilitate wear off, in the hand, mouth and food hygiene to establish a safe protective barrier between.

Fourth, the ending time

In the restaurant outside the restaurant after the end of the kitchen staff need to clean up kitchen waste, in the process of hand contact with the food residue on the plate of oil, with a cloth to deal with garbage, it will be accidentally food bones, shell damage skin.

They need an oil-resistant, puncture-resistant disposable protective gloves, which thicken the most durable type of food-grade gloves.


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