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The price of raw materials are rising!

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In recent months, the price of raw ma terials are rising across the country, the industry is facing the fatal test!
Let's take a look at the disposable gloves industry raw material prices in recent months:

Thus,disposable gloves rising prices of raw materials is very severe, which inevitably leads to an increase of the cost of production.

  But, What causes a wide range of raw materials prices this time?

  1、Energy, raw materials,freight,manufactured goods rise spirally.

  2、Affected by the capacity and other factors, the price of coal, carbon, steel is soaring.

  3、The price of chemical raw material is rising and that will affect the downstream industry.

  4、Paper industry:capacity concentrated, pollution treatment and paper industry band together caused prices to flare.

  5、The middle link of the packaging printing, PCB, LED, components rised price.

  6、Freight rised, all walks of life are affected.

  7、Soaring raw materials,intermediate business began to rise in revenge, price is not economic fundamentals, or unsustainable.

  In general, these increases are various costs,environmental governance, monetary policy, exchange rate fluctuations, the macroeconomic regulation and control, even rising industry monopoly caused by passive. And domestic and international market demand, the consumer price index, the enterprise profit level, industrial growth has not improved significantly.

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