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Tips for Choosing Kitchen Gloves

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Tips for Choosing Kitchen Gloves

Disposable glove is an essential part of food safety and hand hygiene in the kitchens.Before choosing a glove,the first thing to do is making it clear that whether you need tight or loose fit gloves.Latex,nitrile and vinyl gloves are all tight gloves.These are great for preparing food like cutting,because they offer better manual dexterity and grip.Nitrile and vinyl gloves are you best choice if you have latex allergies.Polyethylene and vinyl gloves are the inexpensive choices.If you need loose-fitting and need to take off the gloves quickly and easily,a loose-fitting poly glove is your perfect option.

We listed four general food processing gloves:Latex,Nitrile,Vinyl,Polyethylene.Which one to choose depends on your budgets and whether you have latex allergies.In the following page,we will also display each glove's features for your reference.

Latex Gloves

  • Available in powdered and powder free type

    We recommend free powder type for food processing.

  • Provide better manual dexterity,form-fitting and touch sensivity

  • Recommended for delicate work,such as slicing and chopping

  • Not suitable for latex allergies workers

Nitrile Gloves

  • A perfect alternative for latex gloves

  • Good durability and puncture-resistance for food handling

  • Non latex and allergy free

  • Powder free and Clean

Vinyl Gloves

  • Cost effective alternative

  • Ideal for general foodservice use

  • Offer improved manual dexterity and touch sensivity

  • Latex free and allergy free

Polyethylene Gloves

  • Loose fitting,ideal for busy working where requires changing gloves frequently

  • Cost effective alternative

  • Easy on/off,ideal for fast food restaurants

  • Suitable for light tasks

Choose the right glove for the right task.If you still have some doubt about choosing which glove,please contact us without hesitate!

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