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Tips of the medical gloves

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Tips of the medical gloves

In hospital treatment, we often find that doctors in the examination or operation, the use of disposable medical sterile gloves. How are these sterile gloves produced? What steps and details have been added to the production of disposable gloves to achieve these medical-grade standards?

In the case of premises, medical gloves are usually divided into inspection gloves and surgical gloves.

1. Medical examination gloves Generally used to check the patient's oral or skin surface, must contain CFDA food and drug safety certification. Excellent elasticity and ductility, anti-wear and corrosion ability, can adapt to the human skin within a variety of weak acid weak base environment.  2. Surgical gloves The safety requirements for surgical gloves are much higher on the basis of meeting the safety requirements for inspection gloves. Need to further sterilization, independent packaging; ergonomic bending hand type, and five fingers closely fit, comfortable to wear.  Even if the operation for a long time, excellent moisture control gloves can also maintain the shape of the gloves to wear health care and fit, safe operation of medical equipment. 3. Sterilization method Disposable medical gloves are usually two kinds of sterilization methods, namely ethylene oxide and gamma rays. 1) Ethylene oxide sterilization To take sterilization of medical ethylene oxide sterilization technology, can kill all microorganisms, including bacterial spores, but also to ensure that the elasticity of gloves from damage. Ethylene oxide can penetrate irregularly shaped objects and kill all microorganisms, sterilization items are the whole package, to ensure sterile state before use. 2) gamma-ray sterilization technology  Radiation sterilization is the use of electromagnetic radiation generated by electromagnetic waves to kill most of the material on the microbes of an effective way to inhibit or kill microorganisms to achieve a high degree of sterilization purposes. Gloves to ensure the safety, sterilization without residue.

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