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Understand latex gloves Material

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When it comes to disposable gloves, people usually think of latex gloves. Latex gloves have been widely used in medical and industrial applications for many years.
Many consumers are familiar with latex examination gloves, it is common for Health Protection class supplies. However, even in this case, because the material can cause latex allergies increasingly out of favor. In some cases, allergy symptoms can be as small as dermatitis and other minor skin irritation, but severe cases can cause an allergic adverse reactions.
Latex allergy protein derived materials.
What latex that?
Latex materials are extracted from the sap of the rubber tree in natural rubber. The sap of the rubber tree is a polymer, which means that it is composed of many single molecules called monomers polymerized product. It must be chemically treated in a short time or it will harden after the outflow from the tree.
Once the rubber tree sap collection finished, we are familiar with through curing it transformed from an elastic material is a viscous substance, which is a complex process. This step includes heating the sap, which was first used by Charles Goodyear's invention, his name is the moment a Goodyear tire and rubber manufacturer's brand name (Goodyear).
In addition there are synthetic rubber materials. However, natural latex and they are different.
"Latex material is extracted from the sap of the rubber tree in natural rubber."
What are the advantages of latex gloves?
A key feature of latex is docile and comfortable to wear. This provides users with more flexibility to wear gloves. For example, in the dental industry, the dentist may need to figure out some small items. If they are not satisfied with wearing gloves attached, it may be difficult to seize these small items. On the other hand, latex gloves provide flexibility and tactility such work requires.
Latex gloves are very flexible, it has good resistance to tear and puncture resistance. When used in the process to sharp tools This is particularly advantageous. For example, in the field of nursing, medical syringes and scissors. In addition, durable latex gloves, medical staff can ensure pathogen isolate themselves and their patients.
Although latex examination gloves are most consumers are more familiar with, but also a wide range of industrial-grade latex gloves should be used for machine repair, manufacturing and other industries, and has unique advantages in some applications.
Latex gloves a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Thick latex gloves can extend life, but will reduce tactile sensitivity.
Although latex gloves are often used in medical examination, but can cause allergies, latex glove use has gone before is so common.

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