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Vinyl Price Back to Normal---Time to Order

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Vinyl Price Back to Normal---Time to Order

If price and fast ship are a priority, then vinyl gloves are the way to go now. The price of vinyl has been back to normal with that in 2019. Why the price down now? The main factor is the increasing production lines.

Vinyl gloves are made from the synthetic monomer material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The material is taken through a polymerization process.Vinyl gloves are relatively cheap to produce. The inexpensive factor makes them ideal for use in areas where glove turnover is high. Vinyl gloves are not as durable as the nitrile or latex types but still offer good service where durability and toughness are not the main concerns and good simple protection against contamination (by user) of material handled is the main aim.

Vinyl gloves are often used for:

· Non-contaminated light hospital procedures

· Food industry

· Grooming procedures

· Home uses such as cleaning

· Good alternative for person allergic to latex

· Beauty industry

Properties of vinyl gloves:

· Latex free

· Fit more loosely

· Cheap

· Anti-static

In general, the shelf life for vinyl gloves is 5 years, as long as you store them in the way the packaging recommends. Vinyl gloves are usually stored in cool or room-temperature conditions without direct sunlight – excessive heat or UV radiation can increase the speed of the material breakdown. A few days ago one customer asked us if there is some effect that transporation from Port to Customer Warehouse with temperature 39 degree celsius. Our answer is short time transporation do not have effect on gloves since we all known that every year so many containers go worldwide with containers. Temperature at maritime is high during this time but no customer told us if some problems occured. So please do not worry about it.

Once 5 years is over, the gloves would no longer be fit for purpose as, even though some may still seem usable, they wouldn't have the strength to guarantee an effective barrier to protect your skin against toxic substances.

So Vinyl is a good item to have plan. From the current market information, vinyl price will go up a little soon since raw material up and government restrict policy for environment. Another reason is for the production line stop to manufacture since price down too much and lots of lines have to stop. Pls plan as soon as possible if you have plan.

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