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Vinyl vs Polyethylene gloves

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Vinyl vs Polyethylene gloves

When referring to disposable gloves in food industry,you will definitely think about vinyl and polyethylene gloves.They are both cost effective choice for short-term use like food preparation.But they are totally different materials.


Vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves are latex free gloves made by polyvinyl chloride,which offers an cost effective alternative to latex while providing an effective temporary barrier against biological contaminants.Vinyl gloves do not pose latex allergy as latex or natural rubber products.making them an attractive option for food prep and employee safety.There are powdered and powder free vinyl gloves.Let's see the traits of vinyl gloves comprehensively.

  • Latex free material

  • Looser fit than latex and nitrile; tighter fit than poly

  • Great comfort and tactile sensitivity

  • Not ideal for work with hazardous materials

  • Good for short-term use

  • More economical option than latex and nitrile

  • Powdered:more easy to put on

  • Powder free:more ideal for food service cause there is no powder dropping into food.

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Polyethylene gloves

Polyethylene gloves are made from an economical synthetic compound,making them the super-economical kind of disposable gloves.They are lightweight,and loose fit,ideal for these situations that workers need to change gloves frequently.Below are the traits of polyethylene gloves.

  • Material of synthetic rubber,polyethylene

  • Latex free,powder free to reduce allergy

  • One size fits all and either hand

  • Comes on quickly and fits loosely

  • Not ideal for work with hazardous materials

  • Ideal for light duty work

  • Great comfort and loose fit for breathability

  • Looser fit than latex,nitrile and vinyl

  • Available in high density(HDPE) and low density(LDPE)

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