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What are Nitrile Gloves

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What are Nitrile Gloves

What are they composed of?

Nitrile gloves are made from nitrile rubber or synthetic latex. Nitrile rubber is also known as Krynac, Europrene or Nipol. It does not contain latex proteins. Most types of nitrile gloves contain corn starch. Cornstarch acts as a lubricant to make the glove easier to put on. Cornstarch actually replaces powdered blush and talcum powder because these materials stimulate skin tissue. However, even though cornstarch has been found to impede healing, this is why some nitrile gloves are made in it.

What are their characteristics?

Over the years, the popularity of disposable nitrile gloves has become the latex-free examination gloves of choice for nurses and doctors. Due to its elasticity, nitrile gloves work very well in harsh, high pressure environments. These synthetic inspection gloves are made of nitrile, which provides excellent protection for various chemicals and is an effective barrier against blood-borne pathogens. For this reason, nitrile gloves are widely used to treat toxic chemicals such as chemotherapy drugs. Most importantly, nitriles are latex-free, providing more than three times the puncture resistance than standard latex testing gloves. It is not surprising that nitrile exam gloves are becoming the preferred latex-free gloves.

What are their protective qualities?

Nitrile exam gloves are known to provide maximum protection and have the ability to provide chemical protection. Nitrile gloves are less prone to tearing than synthetic vinyl materials, and the puncture resistance is higher; however, this does not mean that nitrile gloves are impervious to water. You work hard, whether it is made of latex or nitrile, you can tear off any inspection gloves. However, if used properly, you will find that the nitrile inspection gloves are very durable.
Any allergic reaction to glove making materials?
Occasional reports of allergic reactions to nitrile gloves. Powder gloves are more likely than powders. Powdered gloves are cheaper and easier to wear, but it can cause allergic reactions. However, allergies to powdered nitrile gloves are very rare and far less than latex allergies.

Why use nitrile exam gloves in health care?

As an alternative to latex, nitrile gloves are better than vinyl gloves. Some hospitals have been able to switch to a 100% nitrile glove home ownership policy. For other health care facilities, nitrile exam gloves are used in combination with other medical glove materials. Under these circumstances, the supply of nitrile gloves for these healthcare facilities is limited, and these gloves are reserved for functional purposes and require additional protection. Despite this, nitrile gloves can be found in critical and non-critical care units, emergency rooms, delivery rooms, laboratories, phlebotomys, pharmacies, oncology offices, and environmental services.


Price: Thin Nitrile Test Gloves can compete directly with Latex Test Gloves, but can also provide other important advantages.
Comfort: Even if gloves are used for a long time, nitrile softens rapidly on the skin to provide the most comfortable experience.
Tactile sensation: The tightly fitting nitrile provides enhanced tactile sensation, especially the fingertips of the micro-fingerprints.
Chemical resistance: Nitrile is more chemical resistant than natural rubber.
Improved heat dissipation: Thin-film nitriles can dissipate heat more quickly, reducing sweating and skin irritation
Environmental issues: Thin nitrile gloves have significant environmental benefits during storage and transportation. The condition of the glove can accommodate twice the amount in the same volume. This leads to a halving of the transportation costs of the gloves from the production site to the distributor and, in addition, from the distributor to the end user. The cost of storage throughout the supply chain also declined. Finally, the cost of disposal of waste products for landfill or incineration is greatly reduced.

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