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What are Non-Latex Gloves?

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What are Non-Latex Gloves?

We all know Latex Gloves.But what are Non-latex gloves?

Non-latex gloves are disposable gloves made with materials free of natural latex rubber.Natural latex is widely used for disposable gloves, not only due to it's reasonable cost and extremely flexible,but also making the gloves comfortable to wear.While latex gloves may cause allergic to some people due to natural latex rubber protein,then people develop alternatives to latex gloves--Non-Latex Gloves.

Several synthetic materials can be used to make Non-Latex gloves,including neoprene, poly vinyl chloride (PVC or vinyl), and nitrile.Comparing with latex gloves, they are less stretchy tensile.Early non-latex gloves were often a little hard to use, and difficult to don, but many companies have resolved this issue,making gloves which are easy to put on and use.

Besides, they tend to be more expensive than latex gloves, such as nitrile gloves.

Non-latex gloves come in a range of colors, textures, and sizes. 

Many companies try to use very distinctive colors for their gloves so that it is easy to identify the latex-free gloves in a hurry, and latex-free gloves may also be stored in a different location to ensure that they are not confused with latex gloves.

If a health care worker is allergic to latex, he or she would use non-latex gloves, and they would also be used on patients with a declared latex allergy.For medical purpose,the recommended Non-latex gloves are Nitrile Gloves;for general purpose,we would recommend Vinyl Gloves.If the cost factor comes first,PE Gloves are highly recommended.

Should you have any other concerns about non-latex gloves,welocome to conact PidegreeGroup Sales.

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