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Poly gloves are made from polyethylen, Polyethylene is one of the most common and cheaper plastics. oftenly identified with the initials PE, it is a plastic with excellent chemical stability and therefore often used as an insulator and produced for films which are in contact with food (bags and foils). In the case of disposable gloves production is made by cutting and heat-sealing the film.

Poly gloves are least expensive of all glove types. They are perfect for lighter duty tasks and generally have a looser fit to allow for the easy removal and replacement of gloves in busy kitchens or food service locations.

Following are universal characteristics of poly gloves

· Light – Poly gloves are light and airy, and should not be used in explosive areas.

· Easy Slip – Compared to the heavy-duty gloves used in chemical industries, poly gloves are comfortable to wear and remove despite being powder-free.

· Adjustable Size – Poly gloves come in the various elbow and wrist length sizes, catering to all functionality. For instance, high elbowed poly gloves prevent spillage over to the user's arm.

· Elasticity – They are not elastic but offer a looser fit than latex gloves. This ensures that sweat and bacteria are not retained in the gloves for long periods.

· Low-risk Option – For functionality in low-risk situations such as the food industry, poly gloves offer minimal security in high-risk industries. They should not be donned for work in infectious environments.

· Lightly Embossed – This offers an improved grip and control when handling objects or food items.

· Economical – This is the least expensive glove option in the market.

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