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What are anti-allergy gloves

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What are anti-allergy gloves

Some people have allergy to latex gloves due to the proteins in natural rubber latex.The allergy would cause effects like coughing,sneezing and rashes after contact with latex gloves.

Anti-allergy gloves are latex free gloves like Nitrile gloves and Vinyl gloves.Nitrile gloves are made by synthetic rubber,they are latex free and powder free,less likely to cause allergic reaction.Vinyl gloves are made by synthetic plastic polymer,latex free and anti allergy.

If you are looking for anti-allergy medical gloves,nitrile gloves would be your best choice.They are durable and flexible,considered as a perfect substitute of latex gloves.

If you are looking for anti-allergy gloves for lower budgets and low-risk work situations,vinyl gloves would be your best options.Vinyl gloves are not so tensile or durable as latex and nitrile gloves,but they are cost effective and allergy free.

Tips for Avoiding Latex Allergies

  • Latex allergies are often aggravated by powdered gloves which can carry latex proteins.Use non-powdered disposable gloves.

  • Best solution:choose non latex gloves like Nitrile gloves or Vinyl gloves.

  • Read the warning carefully on the packing or catalogue before ordering.

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