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What are the gloves with polymer coating?

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Polymer coating technology is a more convenient way to wear a glove because it creates a complete coating on the inner surface of the glove and therefore has the effect of reducing latex sensitivities for latex gloves. The polymer coating process has outstanding product advantages: lower cost, less impact on the performance and appearance of the glove, environmentally friendly and so on, so this approach has gradually replaced the glove with powder technology. So, now the mainstream of gloves can use the polymer coating process gloves, gloves become powder-free and easy to wear it?

The answer is yes, the common three kinds of gloves can use this advanced technology.

Most of our common powder-free nitrile gloves use this process. The polymer coating process is the production of powder-free latex gloves, one of the processes, so it can also be applied on the latex gloves. Of course, PVC gloves also have two kinds of powder and powder. The general manufacture of powder-free types, the use of PU coating agent, common polyurethane material.

Therefore, with the widespread application of polymer coating technology, the mainstream of the gloves can use this technology, powder-free gloves are also gradually occupy the vast majority of the market share.

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