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What is Difference between Exam Gloves and Surgical Gloves

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What is Difference between Exam Gloves and Surgical Gloves

Surgical glove is a protective barrier to prevent the possible transmission of diseases between healthcare professionals and patients during surgical procedures. When compared with exam gloves , What is the differences between surgical gloves and medical examination gloves?


We summary as below:


1. Manufacturers of surgical gloves are required to meet a higher level of quality standards.

2. Surgical gloves are sterile(normally Gamma ray sterile ) and individually packaged in pairs . Exam gloves are normally non sterile,and are packed 100pcs/box.

3. Surgical gloves have a more precise range of sizing than medical examination gloves.For example , surgical gloves size from #6 to #9 ,total 7 sizes ,exam gloves, S,M, L XL , total 4 sizes. 

4.Surgical gloves have Special hand shape to gain superior touch and comfort ,Anatomic shape for left/right hands individually. But exam gloves are ambidextrous.

4 .Medical examination gloves help prevent contamination between caregivers and patients. These gloves are used during procedures that do not require sterile conditions, for example drawing blood for a blood test. Some of these gloves can also protect the wearer from harm caused by dangerous chemicals or pharmaceuticals. The latex surgical gloves can be used in medical care or in surgeries that required sterile, to help prevent contamination between surgeons and patients

5.Surgical gloves have Very low protein content

6.Price:due to the high standard of production and packing , surgical gloves price are higher than exam gloves.

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