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What is Disposable PE Gloves?

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What is Disposable PE Gloves?

Disposable PE gloves are made of polyethylene LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE blown film. Its product features: economical and affordable, the surface of the glove is processed with bumps, which can prevent adhesion and can be mixed with left and right hands. It is widely used in: household cleaning, laboratory testing, mechanical gardening, food, hygiene and industrial and agricultural protection. It can also be used for hair coloring, nursing care, washing, eating lobster and large bones during meals to avoid the inconvenience of washing hands.

Product Description

It has the functions of waterproof, anti-oil pollution, anti-bacteria, acid and alkali resistance.

Production Process

Disposable PE gloves are made of (LDPE / HDPE) low and high density polyethylene materials and refined with other additives. The surface of disposable PE gloves has unevenness or flatness, bright color, transparent, uniform thickness, easy to wear .

Scope of Application

Disposable PE gloves are suitable for food processing, scientific research, electronic dust-free workshops, non-toxic and tasteless in star-rated hotels, suitable for home and hotel kitchen food processing and conditioning, hair dyeing, nursing and washing, cleaning and use, hospital work, acid and alkali resistant, It is oil-proof and prevents staining of gloves during meals.


One-time use, waterproof, oil-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, safe, non-toxic, environmental protection, low price; with softness, comfort and handiness. It is durable and safe.


1. It is strictly forbidden to contact oil, acid, alkali, copper, manganese and other metals and chemical drugs that are harmful to the product.

2. It is strictly prohibited to directly irradiate strong light such as sunlight or ultraviolet rays.

Instructions for use

1. This product does not have left and right hands, please choose gloves suitable for your hand specifications;

2. When wearing gloves, do not wear rings or other accessories, pay attention to trimming nails;

3. This product is limited to one-time use; please dispose of the used product as garbage to prevent bacteria from polluting the environment.

Storage conditions and methods

It should be stored in a well-ventilated, cool and dry warehouse (the indoor temperature is below 30 degrees, and the relative humidity is preferably below 80%) on a shelf 200mm from the ground.

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