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What is a Mesh Nebulizer?

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What is a Mesh Nebulizer?

1.Why do the nebulizer come into being? 

The nebulizer helps to absorb the drug more easier.There are also several types of nebulizers.Mesh nebulizer is one the neweset innovation of nebulizer product on the market now.

2.The role/advantages of the mesh nebulizer

The Mesh Nebulizer includes consistent and improved aerosol generation efficiency, a predominantly fine-particle fraction reaching into the peripheral lung, low residual volume, and the ability to nebulize in low drug volumes.And they use a mesh cap with tiny holes to help dispense medication into consistent particle sizes that can be easily and comfortably inhaled.

Other Benefits of a home atomizer

1. No more waiting in line for treatment

2. Spend less time and money for treatment

3. Easy to carry, easy to operate, can be atomized anytime and anywhere.

It also fixable for all ages, especially for children.It’s good for most of mothers to take care of their kids, also the Mesh nebulizers have become the first choice for new nebulized pharmaceutical drug developments.

It can also be used in other ways:

A.Humid air

B.Beauty and home health care

But the primary function of the mesh nebulizer is as an adjunct to treatment, The nebulizer is mainly divided into two types: household type and medical type. It is specially used to treat respiratory diseases. The nebulizer inhalation is inhaled into the trachea with steam and drugs to achieve the purpose of treatment, and at the same time, it dilutes the sputum and is conducive to coughing.

It can help filter particles and bacteria in the air, so as to ensure that patients are inhaling relatively clean air when inhaling atomization, and improve the effect of atomization inhalation.

Mesh Nebulizer is a good innovation for all humankind-a well-established method for treatment of patients with pulmonary diseases.Recent advances in the developmennt of nebulizers have made drug delivery more precise,less wasteful,and potentially much easier to use during inhaltion therapy.

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