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What is an Industrial Grade versus Medical Grade Latex Glove?

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What is an Industrial Grade versus Medical Grade Latex Glove?


Now that you have determined the purpose of your glove it is important to further understand the differences between industrial grade and medical grade gloves. The next step is to select the appropriate style from either the industrial grade or medical grade category.

Industrial Grade Latex Gloves
Industrial grade latex gloves are best suited for applications that require chemical resistance and puncture resistance. Since, latex gloves are more elastic than nitrile gloves and feature better puncture resistance than vinyl gloves they are an economical choice in many industrial applications.

Common industry applications include automotive, chemical and safety, janitorial and sanitation, plumbing and painting, beauty services, food service and food processing and home use.

Medical Grade Latex Gloves
Latex examination grade gloves, commonly referred to as medical gloves, must meet the rigorous testing and safety requirements of the FDA.  Pidegree latex exam grade disposable gloves are FDA approved for medical use and provide excellent strength, durability, and barrier protection against blood borne pathogens.  Medical grade latex disposable gloves will have the label “Exam” or “Medical Grade” clearly marked on the packaging which means they are FDA approved for medical use. Latex exam gloves are available in powdered and powder free options, providing protection and performance for many applications in medical and dental, veterinary medicine , laboratory and more.


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